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Reach your health goals in 3 simple and straight-forward steps

Are you tired of trying out different ways to reach your health goals and nothing quite working out? Believe me, I’ve been there. Yet now my friends, family and colleagues keep asking me about my eating habits and changed, more positive attitude.

Before I got to where I am now, I’ve gone through my fair share of diets and struggled with motivation, trying to look and feel good in my body and in my mind. But nothing quite seemed to work and it frustrated me to no end. I spent so much time trying new ways of eating, reading up on nutrition and different types of foods, and yet the only ‘results’ I got were either temporary or not sustainable. It was tough and I was miserable. Deep down I knew that being healthy should improve my happiness so was I approaching it the wrong way?

After spending a few years actively working on myself and my self-development – which is a constant work in progress for me – I felt a deep need to share what I’ve learned. Even though I’m not perfect and nowhere near done with my work on improving myself and becoming who I truly want to be, I know the tools I’ve been using, resources I’ve discovered and things I’ve realized can be useful to many of you.

So let me help you out by sharing this course with you. Below you'll find the contents of the course and my story, if you'd like to know more about it.

Melania Smyk
Melania Smyk
Content creator - health and motivation

My story

My friends keep asking me about my eating habits and changed positive attitude. The impression that I generally get is that they consider it so difficult to achieve and sustain while, in reality, it doesn’t take much effort at all. So I wanted to make people aware of it and give them the tools which they can use to become healthy in their own time and on their own terms. And what’s a better way to do that than to just talk to you personally?

If you were to meet me a few years ago, back in high school, when I was eating candy bars for lunch (and sometimes also dinner), avoiding my PE classes like the plague and seriously hating vegetables, you’d be meeting a completely different person than who I am today.

Somewhere along the way, I became interested in fitness. My mom has always been very active but I honestly really disliked any form of exercise. But then I slowly found my own way to enjoy it, in my case it was in the form of home workouts. When I moved abroad to start university, I had many ups and even more downs when it comes to consistent exercise but, mostly, my eating habits were, well, crap. Finally, sometime in 2015 I became obsessed with diets and counting calories, while still not eating very well. It wasn’t healthy, to say the least.

But, in the end, a friend talked to me about veganism. I have never been a meat lover and so she easily convinced me to explore this topic. Slowly but surely I transitioned to a vegan diet – I still thought of it as a diet back then. Later on, after discovering many truly amazing Instagram accounts dedicated to veganism and not only, I began to think of it as a lifestyle. It made me eat healthier than ever before and it gave me a different perspective on calorie counting and labeling foods as good or bad.

Of course, there’s more to the story. I read and researched various health and diet-related topics, and I learned what I am happy to share with you today. Some of it you can already find on my Instagram page, including meal ideas and motivating posts, but the course I’m offering now finally gathers it all together in one place to give you all the information you need to change your perspective on health and transform your life – in straight-forward and easy to implement steps.

And while I’m not a certified health professional, I went through enough health-related issues, including an eating disorder, constantly varying motivation levels, and over-exercising, and I educated myself on these topics, that now I’d love to share my knowledge and experiences with you. To help you from the perspective of an individual, a friend, because there’s a large chance that I really do know what you’re going through and I can be helpful to you.

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4 Videos

Course contents

Step 1: Redefine the way you think of health
Step 2: Set goals
Step 3: How to stick to it?

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